Growth & Learning

We work at the forefront of modern education, pushing the boundaries of possibility for students and academics alike.

Competitive Salary

Our employees are rewarded fairly, with competitive salaries and performance-related bonuses, and other great perks.

Rewarding Environment

Join a brilliant and close-knit team, made up of inspiring individuals and innovative thinkers, working in a relaxed but productive environment.


Once trained and up to speed, you’ll have the freedom to make the job your own, under the guidance of your line manager.

Current Job Openings

Work in the heart of England’s most vibrant city.

Important things to know

We keep our team compact, so you're never a worker ant

We don’t believe in hiring more staff than we really need, just to fill seats in the office and make us look bigger than we are. Our team is small, because it works best that way. Every team member feels valued and important, knowing they’re making a significant impact on how the business is run.

We're an ever-expanding business

With five live company subsidiaries and another two in the pipeline, our business is growing at an exponential rate. This is your chance to be part of something exciting, challenging and fast-paced. We particularly encourage creative and dynamic people to take a look at our current openings.

We work in a unique industry setting, offering real variety

Working to bridge the gap between universities and the support their offer their students, we play an important and unique role in the UK’s Higher Education system. No matter your job role here at TORG, you’re guaranteed to have a varied task load, meaning things never get dull.

We take care of our staff

We understand that our team members are the life force of our business, and for that, we’re thankful. From daily delicious breakfast treats in our fully-stocked office kitchen, to evenings out, to dedicated one-on-one feedback sessions with every member, we don’t cut corners when it comes to staff appreciation.